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Places & people who have kindly featured me, my running, or my writing ❤️

Eric Deeter, the Ultra Marathon Mindset Podcast, August 2021


The Dad Pod Podcast with Corey Queen, January 2021 Parts 1, 2, and 3

Trail Running Women Podcast, January 2021

West Virginia unCommOn PlaCE Podcast, January 2021

CoFoundersTown, October 2020 "COVID Brain: Why Focusing Feels So Hard Right Now"

Moon Tide Press, April 2020 "Poet of the Month"

Runspirited Blog, February 2020 "Overcoming disordered eating to find success in ultras"

Bradley University Alumni Mag, Summer 2019 "After Professor Susan Brille de Ramirez"

Strong Runner Chick Podcast, January 2019 "Sarah McMahon on 30 Days of Blogging, Feminism, and Overcoming an ED"

The The Poetry Blog, April 2015 Poem of the Week, "Confessions"

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